Repo Name

[RTC] ActroidController

[RTC] ActroidDiagnostic

[RTC] ARDrone

[RTC] ARDroneTest


[RTC] ARTKMarker

[RTC] BabblingGenerator

[RTC] CameraCalibration

[RTC] CommonImageToRTCImage

[RTC] ConsoleInput_cpp

[RTC] ConsoleOutput_cpp

[RTC] DirectInputRTC

[RTC] DoubleSeqLogger


[RTC] EndEffectorVelocityController

[RTC] EnpraRobo

[RTC] ImageFaceDetection

[RTC] ImageFlip

[RTC] ImageHough

[RTC] ImageViewer

[RTC] JCameraViewer

[RTC] JoystickToVelocity

[RTC] KeyInput_cpp

[RTC] Kinect

[RTC] Kinect4Win

[RTC] KinectToRanger


[RTC] LeapTest_py

[RTC] Localization_MRPT

[RTC] ManipulationPlanner_OMPL

[RTC] ManipulatorCommonTest

[RTC] ManipulatorMotionGeneratorRTC

[RTC] Mapper_gmapping

[RTC] Mapper_MRPT

[RTC] MapServer

[RTC] MobileRobotController

[RTC] MobileRobotKinematics

[RTC] MobileRobotSim

[RTC] Multiplyer_cpp

[RTC] NAO_python

[RTC] NAOKinematics


[RTC] NavigationManager

[RTC] ObjectDetector_YOLOtf

[RTC] ObjectHandleStrategyRTC

[RTC] OpenCVCameraCapture

[RTC] PathPlanner_MRPT

[RTC] PepperKinematics

[RTC] PickingTaskManager

[RTC] RangeDataViewer

[RTC] RealSense3D

[RTC] RGBDCameraImageSplitter

[RTC] RoombaRTC

[RTC] RTC-actroid

[RTC] RTnoProxy

[RTC] SFMLJoystick

[RTC] SimplePathFollower

[RTC] SimulationBuilder

[RTC] SimulationManager

[RTC] SpaceNavigator

[RTC] SpaceNavigatorRTC


[RTC] StarGazer

[RTC] StringViewer

[RTC] TestIn_cpp

[RTC] TestIn_java

[RTC] TestIn_py

[RTC] TestOut_cpp

[RTC] TestOut_java

[RTC] TestOut_py


[RTC] TimedBooleanViewer

[RTC] TimedLongSeqViewer

[RTC] TimedVelocity2DViewer


[RTC] VirtualJoystick


[RTC] WebCamera

[RTC] WiiRemote

[RTC] WiiRemoteTest

[RTC] WiiRemoteToVelocity

RTC NameLanguageWinOSXLinuxBrief
ActroidController Python SN/AN/A ModuleDescription
ActroidDiagnostic Python SN/AN/A ModuleDescription
ARDrone Java SSN/A ARDrone Control RT Component
ARDroneTest Java N/ASN/A ARDrone Test RTC
AriaRTC C++ N/AN/AN/A Mobile Robots ARIA library avialble robot RT-component
ARTKMarker C++ N/AN/AN/A ARToolKit Marker Detector (4x4 2D BarCode)
BabblingGenerator C++ FSF Babbling Motion Generator
CameraCalibration C++ N/AN/AN/A Camera calibration component using OpenCV 2.4.8
CommonImageToRTCImage C++ N/AN/AN/A ImageFormat Converter
ConsoleInput C++ SN/AS Console Input RT component
ConsoleOutput C++ SN/AS Console Output Component
DirectInput C++ SN/AN/A DirectInput Component
DoubleSeqLogger C++ SSF Logger Componet for DoubleSeq datatype
EKFRTC C++ N/AN/AN/A Extended Kalman Fileter RTC
EndEffectorVelocityController Python N/AN/AN/A Control Manipulator with 3 dimension velocity
EnpraRobo Python SSS Robot
ImageFaceDetection C++ FSS Face Detection OpenCV Image Processing Component
ImageFlip C++ FN/AN/A Image Flip Component
ImageHough C++ FSS ImageHoughLines
ImageViewer C++ N/ASN/A Image Viewer Component with common camera interface 2.0
CameraViewer Java SSS Camera Viewer
JoystickToVelocity C++ SN/AS JoystickToVelocity RT Component
KeyInput C++ SSS Key Input RTC
Kinect C++ N/AN/AN/A RT Component for Kinect for Windows v1
RTCKinect C++ SN/AN/A RTC Kinect 4 Windows
KinectToRanger C++ SN/AN/A Kinect and Ranger Data Translator
LeapRTC C++ N/ASN/A Leap Motion RTC
LeapTest Python N/ASN/A Leap Motion RTC
Localization_MRPT C++ N/AN/AN/A Localization MRPT Component
ManipulationPlanner_OMPL C++ N/AN/AN/A ModuleDescription
ManipulatorCommonTest C++ N/AN/AN/A ManipulatorCommonInterface Tester
ManipulatorMotionGeneratorRTC C++ N/AN/AN/A ModuleDescription
Mapper_gmapping C++ SFF Mapper RTC using gmapping
Mapper_MRPT C++ SN/AF Mapper RTC using MRPT (Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit)
MapServer Java SSS MapServer RTC
MobileRobotController Java SN/AS Controller
MobileRobotKinematics C++ SSS Mobile robot kinematics component
MobileRobot Java SN/AS Mobile Vehicle Robot RTC
Multiplyer C++ SN/AS Multiplyer RTC
NAO_python Python N/ASN/A NAO RT Component
NAOKinematics Python N/AN/AN/A NAO Kinematics RT-component
NAOTest Python N/ASN/A NAO RTC Test Module
NavigationManager Java N/AN/AN/A Mapper Viewer RTC
ObjectDetector_YOLOtf Python N/AN/AN/A YOLO_tensorflow
ObjectHandleStrategyRTC C++ N/AN/AN/A ModuleDescription
CameraCapture C++ FSN/A Camera Capture Component
PathPlanner_MRPT C++ FN/AF Path Planner MRPT component
PepperKinematics Python N/AN/AN/A Pepper Kinematics RT-component
PickingTaskManager C++ N/AN/AN/A ModuleDescription
RangeDataViewer Java SSS Range Data Viewer Component
RealSense3D C++ N/AN/AN/A Intel Real Sense 3D Component
RGBDCameraImageSplitter C++ N/AN/AN/A RGBDCameraImage converted to Img::TimedCameraImage and RGBDCamera::TimedDepthImage
RoombaRTC C++ SSF Roomba RTC
Actroid C++ SN/AN/A Actroid RTC
RTnoProxy C++ SSS Proxy RTC with arduino compatible device and RTno library
SFMLJoystick C++ FSF Joystick Component using SFML Library
SimplePathFollower C++ SN/AF Simple Algorithm Path Follower
SimulationBuilder Python SSS Default Description
SimulationManager Python N/ASN/A Test Component for Simulator
SpaceNavigator C++ N/AN/AN/A Space Navigator RT Component
SpaceNavigator C++ SN/AN/A Space Navigator RT Component
SpurRTC C++ FSN/A Mobile Robot Controller using YP-Spur RT-Component.
StarGazer C++ N/AN/AN/A Hagisonic Star Gazer RTC
StringViewer Python SSS String Viewer Component
TestIn_cpp C++ SSS TestIn Component
TestIn_java Java SSS Test In Component
TestIn_py Python SSS Default Description
TestOut_cpp C++ SSS TestOut Component
TestOut_java Java SSS ModuleDescription
TestOut_py Python SSS Default Description
TestRTC C++ N/ASN/A ModuleDescription
TimedBooleanViewer Python SSS TimedBooleanViewer
TimedLongSeqViewer Python SSS TimedLongSeqViewer Component
TimedVelocity2DViewer Python SSS TimedVelocity2D Viewer RTC
VirtualJoystick Java SN/AS Virtual Joystick
VS_ASR_RTC C++ N/AN/AN/A VStone Academic Scala Robot
WebCamera C++ FSN/A Web Camera RTC with common camera interface version 2.0
WiiRemote C++ N/AFN/A Wii Remote RTC
WiiRemoteTest Python N/ASN/A Test Component
WiiRemoteToVelocity Python N/ASN/A ModuleDescription