Mobile Robots ARIA library avialble robot RT-component


MobileRobot ARIA library RT-component. Basically, Mobile Robot controller, but the library also available to control laser sensors. To use this RTC, ARIA library must be installed manually (http://robots.mobilerobots.com/wiki/ARIA)









[‘win’, ‘ubuntu’]

Data In Ports

Name Type Unit Description
targetVelocity RTC::TimedVelocity2D Target Velocity of Mobile Robot (vx, vy, vz) in robot coordinate
poseUpdate RTC::TimedPose2D If you want to update the internal value of current pose of mobile robot (in global coordinates), put data to this port.

Data Out Ports

Name Type Unit Description
currentVelocity RTC::TimedVelocity2D Current Velocity of Mobile Robot (In robot coordinate)
currentPose RTC::TimedPose2D meter, radian Current Pose estimated with Robot (usually odometry) in global coordinates.
range RTC::RangeData Ranger Sensor if robot is implemented
bumper RTC::TimedBooleanSeq Bump Sensors if implemented. The order of sensor is same as the robot itself. Check the order with demo.exe program. If true, collide. If false, not collide. With the configuration bump policy will change the data sending policy. Please see it.
sonar RTC::TimedDoubleSeq meter Sonar Output (distance of each sensor)

Service Ports


Name Type Default Unit Description
debug int 0
robotPort string COM1 Serial Port of Robot.
robotPortType string serial Type of Robot Connection. tcp or serial is available
robotTcpPort string 8101 TCP Port number of Robot Connection. If robotPortType is tcp, this value will be used.
robotTcpAddress string localhost Tcp address of robot to be connected. If robotPortType is tcp, this will be used.
laserPort string COM2 Serial port number of laser sensor. If laserPortType is serial, this will be used.
laserPortType string serial Connection type of laser sensor. tcp or serial is available.
laserType string none Laser sensor type. Available value is none (for no sensor), urg2.0 (Hokuyo URG 04LX SCIP2.0 protocol), lms2xx (SICK LMS200 series), lms1xx (SICK LMS100 series).
laserTcpPort string 8102 If laserPortType is tcp, robot and laser is remotely connected. This value defines the tcp port of remote laser.
bumperSendingPolicy string event Bumper data send policy. If event, the data is sent when the bumper state is changed. If continuous, every on_execute time the data is sent.
commandTimeout int 3 The interval of timeout. If the targetVelocity is not sent for this interval, the robot rtc will go to error state and stop maneuvour.
odometryUpdateInterval double 0.5 sec This value indicates the maximum interval of odometry (currentPose) output. This RTC measures the current position of this robot, but if no difference to the previous position is seen, this robot do not output the value. If this value is set, RTC output the position if the output is resumed until this interval. If this value is negative, RTC do not output until the difference is seen.
initial_pose_x double 0.0 meter Initial Pose (x)
initial_pose_y double 0.0 meter Initial Pose (y)
initial_pose_z double 0.0 meter Initial Pose (z)

How To Build


$ git clone https://github.com/sugarsweetrobotics/AriaRTC.git $ cd AriaRTC $ mkdir build $ cd build $ cmake ../ $ make


Download ZIP file from the website, and use CMake to generate VC2010 project. Then, open the project and build it.

How To Build in wasanbon

  $ wasanbon-admin.py package create AriaRTC_test_project # You can also use other preinstalled package 
  $ wasanbon-cd AriaRTC_test_project
  $ ./mgr.py rtc clone AriaRTC
  $ ./mgr.py rtc build AriaRTC
  $ ./mgr.py rtc run AriaRTC # To Run RTC

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