Test simvehicle project

wasanbon can manage RT-systems as the “package”, which means that all wasanbon users can share not only RT-components but also RT-systems. You can launch the RT-system that the other user made and shared.

1. Check out the repositories

wasanbon is mainly used in CUI (console user interface). Please launch console interface first.

In windows, CUI is named "command-prompt". 
In OSX, you can find "Terminal" in Launcher. 
In Ubuntu, CUI is named "Terminal", too.

If you want to list the available repositories, type:

$ wasanbon-admin.py repository list

You can find the following lists (may appear some small changes when updating)

visnu:home ysuga$ wasanbon-admin.py repository list
 - nao_test
 - test_project02
 - test_project03
 - nao_joy_control
 - test_project01
 - spur_test

You can get more information if you add -l option.

In this project, the simvehicle package is the RT-system including a virtual mobile-robot and a virtual joystick.

First, change directory to your favorite directory, and then, type

$ wasanbon-admin.py repository clone simvehicle -v

This may cause following sequence:

  1. Clone repository setting files and construct package directory tree.
  2. Clone RT-components by processing the repository setting of the package

The “-v” option means “verbose” (you can get richer information from the software).

This package includes only the Java version RT-components.

In the current directory, you can find “simvehicle” directory. You can change to the “simvehicle” directory from anywhere in your system directory tree by typing:

$ wasanbon-cd simvehicle

If you do not give any arguments, you will get package lists. This information is held in $HOME/.wasanbon/workspace.yaml.

Then, build RT-component.

$ mgr.py rtc build all

-v option will give you more information about build sequences.

In OSX and Linux, you must type "./mgr.py ..." (you need to attach "./"). 
If you can not understand why, you are still the starter of Unix command-line interface. 
You need to train yourself by reading some introduction of Unix...
In Windows, the first launch may fail because of the firewall setting dialog. 
Please select "accept" option for the proper launch.

Let’s launch the RT-system:
If you launched no nameservice yet, mgr.py always launches a nameservice first.

$ mgr.py system run -v


When you press the virtual joypad, the robot maneuvers in any direction.

If you want to check the RT-system connection in GUI (graphical user interface), type

$ wasanbon-admin.py eclipse launch -v


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