Install wasanbon in Ubuntu

1 Setup Developmental Environment

1.1 Install Java Development Kit

To install Java Developmental Kit, visit


2. Install wasanbon

wasanbon will be installed by following command:

$ sudo pip install wasanbon

Then, RT-middlewares and related tools must be installed.
First, you can use following helper command:

$ sudo environment init -v

This will automatically install some dependency modules.

You will be asked from “cmake” installer if you want to launch cmake from command-line (or not). We recommend you to select “yes” option just for your convenience.

You will be asked yes/no option when wasanbon installing “rtshell” package. We recommend you to input “yes” option to get documentation.

If this automatic installer fails, please install following packages manually:

  • CMake 3.2
  • Doxygen
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.1 RELEASE C++
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.0 RELEASE Python
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.0 RELEASE Java
  • rtctree
  • rtsprofile
  • rtshell

After the initialization, you can get the setup bash by

$ environment setup_bashrc

After this command, please restart your bash. Then you can get auto-completion.

You can also install the packages separately by

$ sudo install [package]

First, try installing ‘eclipse’ with above command.

After installing the packages, you need to download repository information. Input…

$ binder update 

This command will download the repository information into your $HOME/.wasanbon/binder directory.

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