Install wasanbon in OSX

1 Setup Developmental Environment

1.1 Allow to install downloaded program

First, allow installing programs from Unidentified Developers. Open the System Preferences of your OSX, and select “Security & Privacy”.

Make change in “Allow applications downloaded” option to “Anywhere”.

Apple Official
DoIT Help Desk

1.2 Install Xcode


Install Xcode 6
You need to install command-line tools. You can install the tools by…

1. Lanch Xcode.
2. Select Menu -> Xcode -> Open Developer Tools -> More Developer Tools

Then you will be redirected to the Apple Developer Network Website.
You can find the Command Line Tools for your OSX version.

You will be asked to “agree” with Xcode license agreement after relaunching X-code.
This process must be done before installing wasanbon.

Apple Official
Mac OS X: Install GCC Compiler with Xcode
How to Install Xcode, Homebrew, Git, RVM, Ruby & Rails on Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion

1.3 Install Java Development Kit

To install Java Developmental Kit, visit


2. Install wasanbon

wasanbon will be installed by following command:

$ sudo pip install wasanbon

Then, RT-middlewares and related tools must be installed.
First, you can use following helper command:

$ sudo environment init -v

This will automatically install some dependency modules.

You will be asked from “cmake” installer if you want to launch cmake from command-line (or not). We recommend you to select “yes” option just for your convenience.

You will be asked yes/no option when wasanbon installing “rtshell” package. We recommend you to input “yes” option to get documentation.

If this automatic installer fails, please install following packages manually:

  • CMake 3.2
  • Doxygen
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.1 RELEASE C++
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.0 RELEASE Python
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.1.0 RELEASE Java
  • rtctree
  • rtsprofile
  • rtshell

After the initialization, you can get the setup bash by

$ environment setup_bashrc

After this command, please restart your bash. Then you can get auto-completion.

You can also install the packages separately by

$ sudo install [package]

First, try installing ‘eclipse’ with above command.

After installing the packages, you need to download repository information. Input…

$ binder update 

This command will download the repository information into your $HOME/.wasanbon/binder directory.

*. Tips

CDLL(‘libc.dylib’) causes “image not found” error

Add “/usr/lib” path to DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

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