Collect RTCs to your package

Re-use RTCs which may be created by other developers.

First, change directory to your package directory.

$ wasanbon-cd $your_pacakge_name

Then, you can list the repositories of RTCs.

$ repository list

If you add -l option, you will get more detail information.

When you find the RTC you want, type…

$ repository clone $your_target_rtc_name

Important: This command will download RTC source code only. If the RTC depends on other libraries, you must install them manually.

After fixing the dependencies, you can build it with…

$ rtc build $your_target_rtc_name

You can check your RTC’s name with

$ rtc list

If you want to get more information, please add -l option.

When you succeeded to build the RTC, the binary file will be placed in $package_dir/bin directory.
wasanbon will automatically configure the package to include the RTC in default launch.
Please check conf/rtc_$your_langauge.conf file. If your RTC is written C++ language, see conf/rtc_cpp.conf file.

If you do not want to include the RTC in your system,

$ system uninstall $your_rtc_name

If you want to launch RTC, wasanbon can run one RTC.
Before you do launch system, launching Name Service is recommended.

$ nameserver start 

And then, the following command will initiate RTC…

$ rtc run $your_rtc_name