Create your own RTC with RTC builder

In your package, you can add your own RTCs.
Current version allows you to use RTC builder (eclipse).

1. Launch RTC Builder (eclipse)

After entering into your package, you can launch RTCB with…

$ tools rtcb

This will initiate the eclipse, and it’s workspace is automatically set to your package’s RTC directory.

2. RTC Builder

Use RTC Builder to generate your own RTC.

If your eclipse is not in RTCB perspective, you can change the perspective with selecting “menu>window>perspective>others>RTC builder”.

Then, please open new RTC Builder editor by clicking the button or, menu>file>new RTC builder editor.

1st, input your eclipse project name.
Next, please fill the form with selecting the tabs below the editor pane.

  • General .. Name, category, and author’s info
  • Functions .. Enable callback functions. Usually, onActivated, onDeactivated, and onExecute is enabled.
  • DataPort .. Add data ports to your RTC
  • Language .. Select language as you like

Finally, go back to “general” tab and press “generate” button. Then, you will find the new RTC’s skeleton codes.

You can quit the eclipse after generating the skeleton code.


3. Repository setting

Make sure you are in your target package. You can find out your RTC by…

$ rtc list

Then you can setup git local repository by …

$ repository git_init my_first_rtc

You can add your RTC to your github…

$ repository remote_create my_first_rtc

Please check your RTC is ready in your