Create your own package

Let’s create your own project in you system.

Make sure you have already installed and tested wasanbon. Before creating package you had better to register your github account.

2Create package

You can package by…

$ cd $your_working_directory
$ package create my_first_package

You can create as many packages as you like.
You can find your packages by…

$ package list

You will have a lot of packages in your file system, which might be inconvenient to access the package. However you do not worry about that. We provide “wasanbon-cd” command which will lead you directly to the package directory. Now type…

$ wasanbon-cd my_first_package

Then you are in your package. List files by “ls” or “dir” command. You will find the following files/directories:

  • ….. Script file for package management
  • setting.yaml ….. Setting file for this package
  • README.txt ….. Readable text file for users
  • conf …. Directory contains setting files for RT-system
    • rtc_cpp.conf
    • rtc_py.conf
    • rtc_java.conf
  • log
    • rtc_cpp.log
    • rtc_py.log
    • rtc_java.log
  • rtc
    • repositories.yaml
  • system
    • DefaultSystem.xml

You can find file. This is a manager script. Just type…

$ (for windows)

If you are Linux or Mac user, you need to specify the script’s path by adding “./” at the beginning of the file. Type …

$ ./ (for Mac or Linux)

Then you can read help sentences. Please remind that the command without argument generates helps.

3. Setup repository

Now you need to create repository in to realize version control. Let’s type…

$ admin git_init

This create local repository. Continue with…

$ admin remote_create

This command will ask you the account information.

Now you can find your package repository in your Please check it.